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International Fresh 2 (Malcolm)


Again, I would like to thank everybody for supporting me while I’ve been over here. Your tweets and letters continue to give me life. Nothing goes unseen. It’s much appreciated. 

International Fresh 1 ( ) was just an update on how things were going with me while abroad. This is nothing more than a continuation of that. 

The last time you guys heard from me, I was expressing on how much of a blessing this was to be over here this year. Nothing has changed. Actually, basketball and experience wise, things have gotten better. My team is still currently in second place and we’re playing very well. I’ve also got to visit Rome, Florence and Venice

Due to the high level and physical play, my team has been battling injuries since the last time I checked in. However, we still have been able to play solid and hold on to second place in the league. There are 9 games left before playoffs. Playoffs are constructed just like the NBA playoffs (7 game series, home court advantage, 2 games home 2 games away etc). It’s important for us to finish strong if we want to have home court advantage in the playoffs. 

 Last weekend was “All-Star weekend” over here. I was a part of it. My team lost by like 10, but it was actually fun. It’s set up just like the NBA. They have a three point contest and a dunk contest. The dunk contest was actually very entertaining. Why? Because James “Flight” White was a part of it. If you haven’t seen James White dunk, please google it. Seeing this guy in person was a pleasure. The dunk that made me jump out of my seat was when he jumped from behind the free throw line, and “Eastbay Funk Dunked" (took the ball between his legs in the air) that h*e! It was crazy to see in person. He also jumped from behind the free throw line and did a two hand windmill. He may be the best dunker ever. No gas.

Personally, I’ve been playing well. Since International Fresh, I’ve been averaging about 20ppg shooting 60% from 2 and 38% from 3. My teammates always tell me how impressive that is for this league because games are only 40 minutes. Honestly, I don’t give a sh*t about my stats or all of the personal accolades I’ve been getting over here. I’m not one of those players who just say this either. My second year in the NBA, when I was with the Nets (2009) I was averaging around 18ppg and 6rpg and I didn’t care because we were losing. I caught a lot of flack in 2009 because I was so passionate about winning that it became misunderstood for being selfish. It was my second year in the NBA and I was young, immature and handled things the wrong way, but selfish is what I wasn’t. I was miserable because winning is all that matters. Winners get treated differently. Don’t get me wrong, I want to play well, but Winning is everything to me. 

I’ve learned so much while over here. I’ll never forget this experience. The good and the bad. However, the lesson that I’ll cherish most is learning how to be a consistent basketball player. I remember, on January 8th 2011 we played the Nets, I scored 24 points. The night before that against the Heat, I scored 30 points. Rick Kamla, live on NBATV said “We all know CD-R is capable of scoring 25 on any given night, by why not every night? He’s extremely inconsistent. Don’t trust him on your fantasy teams." Instead of taking offense to what he said, I took heed because he was RIGHT. He was absolutely right. That was my biggest issue, being consistent. Not anymore. The key to being consistent is being consistent in your everyday life. You have to have a routine and stick to it every single day. Even at home. Here’s my routine. 


1. Stretch, balance, core and stability

2. weight lifting

3. footwork, agility and conditioning

4. post work / shooting drills


1. Midrange jumpers, spot up 3’s (30 minutes before practice)

2. Practice

3. Fadeaway jumpers and low post-work (30 minutes after practice)

No matter what, how I’m feeling, I stick to my routine. That routine has made me consistent. Previous years in the NBA, I would over think after a couple missed shots. When you KNOW the work you put in and you KNOW the routine you’ve been following everyday, your mind won’t allow you to doubt yourself. I’m glad I learned this lesson now because it will definitely carry over to the rest of my NBA career. 

Speaking of NBA, because my season is winding down over here, a lot of my supporters have been asking me who am I going to sign with when I return. Well I won’t know that until June, but the two teams that were high on my agent, Leon Rose’s list were the Knicks and Clippers. The Clippers just traded for Nicky Young and my dog JR just signed with the Knicks. So they’re out. I’m very excited about this summer, but I still have business to finish over here. Focused. 

In closing, I feel like Malcolm X when he went to Mecca. I have a brand new outlook on life. Things that use to mean a lot to me, don’t really mean shit to me now. I’m more appreciative and humble now. Also more focused than ever. I look back on certain situations like “man I was an a*shole”. I still have a little a*shole in me, just not as much. Hahahahaaaaa.

Oh. While over here, I’ve gained a huge international fan base. It’s crazy. I’m like Paul McCartney when I go outside. 

Below is a magazine and a newspaper. The magazine reads “CD-R arrives” and the paper reads “Everybody crazy for CD-R”

Never take anything for granted pimp


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